• Mr. Doubrava works with his 4th grade students online

    Mr. Doubrava works with his 4th grade students online

  • Metro Catholic Music Students Perform at the Gordon Square Arts Music Showcase

    Metro Catholic Music Students Perform at the Gordon Square Arts Music Showcase

  • Gr. 1 Art - The Sun Shines Everywhere

    Gr. 1 Art - The Sun Shines Everywhere

  • 8th Grade Visits the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

    8th Grade Visits the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

  • 6th Grade Egypt Projects

    6th Grade Egypt Projects

  • 4th Grade Biking Field Trip Fun

    4th Grade Biking Field Trip Fun

  • 3rd Graders Handmade Tie-Dye Shirts

    3rd Graders Handmade Tie-Dye Shirts

  • 5th Grade Flexible Seating

    5th Grade Flexible Seating

  • The Sullivan Family and MCS Sullivan Scholars enjoy the Cleveland Indians

    The Sullivan Family and MCS Sullivan Scholars enjoy the Cleveland Indians

  • 3rd Grade Keeping Healthy with their Fitness Trackers!

    3rd Grade Keeping Healthy with their Fitness Trackers!

  • 3rd Grade Made Catapults

    3rd Grade Made Catapults

  • Preschool at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

    Preschool at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

  • Boniface Students Enjoy Green Eggs & Ham During Dr. Seuss Week

    Boniface Students Enjoy Green Eggs & Ham During Dr. Seuss Week

  • Mrs. Lash Introduces Band Instruments

    Mrs. Lash Introduces Band Instruments

  • Sustainable Cleveland's Year of Vital Neighborhoods

    Sustainable Cleveland's Year of Vital Neighborhoods

  • 4th Grade - Comparing and Contrasting Characters

    4th Grade - Comparing and Contrasting Characters

  • Peace Pals Talk About Gratitude

    Peace Pals Talk About Gratitude

  • Student Ambassadors Welcome Esperanza

    Student Ambassadors Welcome Esperanza

  • Jr. High Students at Stone Lab

    Jr. High Students at Stone Lab

  • Jr. High Students attend Day of Hope Luncheon

    Jr. High Students attend Day of Hope Luncheon

  • Peace be with you...

    Peace be with you...

  • Proud Attendees at the Awards Assembly

    Proud Attendees at the Awards Assembly

  • The Community Youth Art Show was a great success.

    The Community Youth Art Show was a great success.

  • Gr. 8 Boys Greet St. Ignatius Visitors

    Gr. 8 Boys Greet St. Ignatius Visitors

  • Peace Pals in Action

    Peace Pals in Action

  • Jr. High Students lead our Prayer Service

    Jr. High Students lead our Prayer Service

  • Students from Akron U. & Miami of OH visit.

    Students from Akron U. & Miami of OH visit.

  • We love our playground.

    We love our playground.

  • We repainted the W. 58th St. birdhouses.

    We repainted the W. 58th St. birdhouses.

  • The Drama Club Paints Scenery for

    The Drama Club Paints Scenery for "BIG BAD"

  • Kindergarten Celebrates Our National Green Ribbon

    Kindergarten Celebrates Our National Green Ribbon




Welcome to Metro Catholic School

Metro Catholic School is a Preschool through Gr. 8 program located at two campuses on Cleveland's Near West Side.  We serve the educational needs of a diverse and changing population.  We offer a traditional curriculum along with many special learning programs and services in a safe and nurturing environment. Children thrive at Metro Catholic. We empower dreams. 

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence / A National Green Ribbon School
A Member of National Schools That Can / 5 Star Step Up To Quality


URGENT:  These forms are due FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 25 to Metro Catholic OR to the address at the bottom of the form. 
ANY questions about transportation for Cleveland students, please call 216-281-4044 ext. 227 and leave your name and number and question.

Parents of K-6 children in Cleveland:  Form to fill out to get reimbursed for driving child to school

Parents of Gr. 7-8 children in Cleveland:  Form to fill out to get RTA bus tickets to school
(The form for RTA bus tickets can be filled out any time during the school year)

Please go to the Academics & Student Life tab for instructional videos using Google Classroom and your Chromebook

Click on the links below for information regarding:

Learning Plan and Attendance Policy

Seesaw Guide for Kindergarten Parents

Google Classroom Resource Guide ~ English

Google Classroom Resource Guide ~ Spanish

This flyer is like a lunch card.  One was in the orientation folder for each child.  If you would like breakfast/lunch meals for your child that you can take home and reheat, bring a picture of this flyer to the cafeteria Mondays or Wednesdays from 10-12noon when school is in session.


Please click for the video:


Join the Parent Text Messaging System for Fast Information

Join Remind for PreK, K & 1st grade:
Text @4967ekd to 81010

Join Remind for Grades 2-4:
Text @b46eb2 to 81010

Join Remind for Grades 5-6:
Text @cb3a34 to 81010

Join Remind for Grades 7-8:
Text @hcdh6d to 81010



Including:  Health Information, Free Meals, Boys & Girls Clubs,
 Free Food Banks & Distributions, Unemployment, Internet Access,
Emergency Loans, Utilities and Legal Aid



Advice for families to support learning and family togetherness during this time:

Things you can do to support learning.

Reading to your kids counts! It’s a great way to stay connected and keep learning going without feeling like a burden. Try audiobooks from the library or Audible, too.

Playing games with cards, dice or money allows your kids to practice math facts without realizing it.

Puzzles, LEGO, blocks, tangrams, tinker toys, pickup sticks, yo-yos, art supplies —these are nice alternatives to the iPad if you’re looking for them.

And we’ve learned that a few weeks or even a couple of months will not see a big decline in skills. It’s okay to focus on play and family togetherness.

It’s a stressful moment for all of us. It’s also a time of pulling together. Our wish for everyone is safety, love, and support for one another.


Scholastic Learn at Home: Free Resources for School Closures


JANUARY 26, 2020
FEBRUARY 1, 2020


             We are celebratiing CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK
all in the same week!

Catholic Schools Week is a national celebration of Catholic education
and an opportunity to recognize the importance, the value, and the contributions of Catholic education to the Church and the world.  Catholic Schools Week is sponsored by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA).

 National School Choice Week is all about shining a spotlight on
effective education options for every child.



Our Students are
Grateful for School Choice


... The people are helpful, nice and caring

... I like my friends because I feel like I'm home

... We learn to not judge people by the way they look

... This school is my life


5th - 8th Grade

The Stephen Campus held a 5-8th grade Spelling Bee this week. Each homeroom had a representative for the Bee. The spellers made it through several rounds spelling harder words each round.

Our top three spellers were in 3rd place Brianna Truss of 5th grade, 2nd place Ally Grant of 5th grade, and the winner of the 1st ever Metro Catholic Spelling Bee was Vanessa Walker of the 7th grade!!!

Congratulations to all our spellers, moderators, teachers, and student audience for an A-W-E-S-O-M-E  afternoon.

St. Edward High School
perform for our students

Clue at the Cleveland Play House

Thank you to everyone that attended
the pre-show reception

followed by Clue at the Allen Theater. 
Everyone had a wonderful

Thank you to Aaliyah Rhodes, 8th grade. 

Aaliyah spoke at The Hermit Club during the pre-show reception. 

Mr. Prada visits with 8th graders
on School Choice and writing to
our Ohio Legislature.

School Choice Week
Thoughts from some students ~

Teachers take their time to help...

Metro Catholic is diverse and welcoming...

Metro Catholic is the home of education...



Metro Catholic School

Advisory Board

School Choice Week

Metro Catholic Students share why they are thankful for School Choice and
Metro Catholic School



Hello Friends,

I’m writing to you in the spirit of Gratitude for School Choice here in Cleveland Ohio. Protecting our rights for School Choice for our children and grandchildren is one of our most important responsibilities.  Please read through the following information and write to your legislator today.  Expressing our Gratitude for School Choice is an important message to send!  We have provided the following for your review:

A. Metro Catholic School recent Graduation results study
B.  Cleveland Diocese Catholic Schools Superintendent Dr. Frank O’Linn’s December 11, 2019 Appeal to write our State of Ohio Legislators.
C. Dr. Frank O’Linn’s December 2, 2019 message to Education leaders in the Diocese.

For additional information on Metro Catholic School please feel free to peruse our website at www.metrocatholic.org

Approximately 435 MCS students participate in the Cleveland Scholarship Program Voucher and approximately 15 in EdChoice.

Joe Prada
Director of Advancement
Metro Catholic School

Dr. Frank O’Linn’s December 11, 2019 Letter (Referred to in point B above)

We write requesting just a few minutes of your time today or as soon as you can. This year has seen growth in EdChoice eligibility now and for next year, prompting push back from some choice opponents in media and at the statehouse. Now is an ideal time for legislators to hear words of gratitude to help them understand what the scholarships mean to their constituents. Please take a moment to send a note of thanks.

Identifying Your State Senators and Representatives:

A list of elected officials according to Catholic School location is can be found at this link. If the officials for your home is different than your school, you may consider thanking both. Simply click on the name on the list below to visit the lawmaker’s website and see contact information.


FYI:  Metro Catholic is in House Districts 13 & 14 and Senate District 23. 

State Representative Michael Skindell – District 13

77 S. High Street, 11th Floor

Columbus OH 43215



State Representative Jeffrey Crossman – District 14

77 S. High Street, 11th Floor

Columbus OH 43215



Senator Nicki Antonio – District 23

Senate Building

1 Capitol Square, Ground Floor

Columbus OH 43215


How to communicate:

Handwritten letters or notes are best. These will be read by the lawmaker. Emails or phone calls may be shared or more likely will be counted and summarized by an aide. If you have time, please consider writing a handwritten note. However, any communication is appreciated. You can typically send a brief message from a form directly on the member’s webpage by finding the “contact” link. Office phone numbers are listed there as well.

Keys to a good message:

  1. Identify yourself as a constituent (where you live and/or where your child or children are in school).
  2. Express thanks for the choice program(s).
  3. Explain why you choose the school you do, or Catholic schools in general. Specific is good, and the more specific the better. It need not be long.
  4. Closing, signature, and if not already mentioned, note address or city/neighborhood.

Dr. Frank O’Linn’s December 2, 2019 message to school leaders (Referred to in point C above)

School Leaders of the Diocese of Cleveland,

Happy Advent to all! May Christ’s peace remain the guiding spirit in this season that brings its share of excitement and activity.

School Choice is in the news today with Cleveland.com running articles about increased EdChoice tuition voucher adoption as a “hit” to school district budgets and even public district school choice “draining” neighborhood schools. I’ve been hearing a good deal about these stories today and expect school choice will continue to be in the civic discourse, so please allow me to take some space to discuss here. I don’t have to tell Catholic leaders that much about the faith is contrary to popular culture: community in an age of radical individualism; selfless charity in an era marked by self-centeredness. But it is important that all school leaders know where the Church stands on parental school choice in order to participate in that discourse, especially as narratives like some represented in these articles are furthered by choice opponents.

“Parents who have the primary and inalienable right and duty to educate their children must enjoy true liberty in their choice of schools. Consequently, the public power, which has the obligation to protect and defend the rights of citizens, must see to it, in its concern for distributive justice, that public subsidies are paid out in such a way that parents are truly free to choose according to their conscience the schools they want for their children.”

This quote from the Vatican II document Gravissimum Educationis (1965) is emblematic of the Church’s position on parents and schooling, evident in Church documents for more than a century. The Catholic Church has long affirmed the obligation of parents to secure an education for their children, including the opportunity to be educated in the faith.

From their beginnings, when the Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program was enacted in 1995, through today, Ohio’s scholarship programs have furthered the cause of social justice, enabling those with limited choice of public options to select from quality schools they determine are the right fit for their children. The US Supreme Court affirmed the right for parents to choose a religious school in 2002’s landmark case, Zelman v. Simmons-Harris.

School choice is not the enemy of public schools; rather, it is one component of “public education,” the wider ideal of preparing all students for the future. Ohio’s local public schools are one delivery system for this ideal, but they are not the exclusive means. We as school leaders are grateful partners with Ohio’s public education systems. (So too, naturally, is the Church, as a majority of baptized Catholics are educated by their local public schools). But we make no apologies for providing an alternative based on formation in Gospel values, in partnership with the parents and guardians who choose Catholic schools for their children. Where Ohio law supports parents in that effort, as it has with the Cleveland scholarship since 1995 and with Edchoice since 2005, we affirm that partnership.

Those seeking a more thorough and nuanced perspective on state policy as it relates to the recent increase in EdChoice may wish to read Ohio’s Fordham Institute’s position here.

Your voice is appreciated when school choice is challenged in the public discourse. Equally or perhaps more important is the voice of our many parents and families, especially those who are benefiting or could benefit from scholarship programs. We will likely need your help in mobilizing these voices as the public discourse on school choice continues. More to come on that soon.

Finally, as we are well aware, whatever the state's policy, our schools need to be those worth choosing. Evidence of increasing numbers doing so is an affirmation of the good work of our institutions. Thank you for all that you do to lead schools that are irresistibly Catholic and academically excellent environments for the good of our students and families. Please read on for more updates, reminders, and opportunities.

Yours in Christ,





* To watch a video of their visit click here 

(The video and story below are both from an article written and published
by the Diocese of Cleveland.)

University of Notre Dame Band marches into hearts of Metro Catholic students

Students at Metro Catholic School in Cleveland had reason to “cheer, cheer for old Notre Dame” this week as 50 members of The University of Notre Dame’s Marching Band stopped by both of the school’s campuses during the group’s fall service trip.

The band members presented a short concert of Notre Dame Fan favorites, including “1812,” “Rakes of Mallow,” “Notre Dame, Our Mother” and the “Notre Dame Victory March,” then allowed students an up-close look at the instruments.

Following the concert at the Boniface campus on West 54thStreet and Denison Avenue, the fighting Irish musicians got down to work painting hop scotch and other playground games on the parking lot. Other students pulled weeds and planted flowers.

The student-led trip found Metro Catholic after doing a Google search for Catholic schools in Cleveland. After visiting the school’s website, trip organizers said they knew they had to visit.

Sam Miller, a student organizer said that she “picked Metro Catholic because I really wanted to serve Catholic schools because I have been greatly influenced by my Catholic education, and both of my parents are Catholic school teachers in the Archdiocese of Washington.” Miller, a trumpet player, also is studying to be a teacher.

Many members of the band have been coming on the service trip for years. “I love the idea of taking the gift of band and the gift to time and being able to donate to others with my friends,” said senior piccolo player Annie Hill.

“This is an opportunity to do something different. It’s about meeting people and getting involved in their community. We can get a lot done while we’re here,” said Daniel Griffin, a junior who plays the trumpet.

In addition to their stop at Metro Catholic, the group took time to serve at Laura's Home, Drink Local. Drink Tap., MedWish International, the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and Green Corps.

After completing their service projects in Cleveland, the group will board its bus and head back to South Bend, Indiana. The Irish take on that “team up North” this weekend and it’s likely there will be a few more younger viewers watching and hoping to see their new-found friends.





Common Sense Schools are committed to deep implementation of the Common Sense Digital Citizenship Curriculum. Earning the Common Sense School badge is a symbol of your school's dedication to helping students think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create, and participate.


Metro Catholic's 30th Anniversary Celebration Continues!

As Metro Catholic School celebrated 30 years, we took time to honor people
who are significant to our school and its ongoing history.
Front row, left to right: Sr. Mary Jean Hoelke, SND, Sr. Grace Corbett, SND (Founding Mother) and Sr. Virginia Reesing, SND (Founding Mother)
Back row, left to right: Sr. Rita Mary Harwood, SND, Sr. Regina Davala, SND (Founding Mother), Sr. Patricia Gentile, SND, Sr. Patricia Garrahan, SND and Sr. Carol Dikovitsky, SND.
The drawings of the Stephen Building were done by our First Grade students, under the guidance of Mrs. Jane Andrews.

Gordon Square Music Showcase

The Metro Catholic Choir, Band and Handbell Ensemble members had the opportunity to play for an audience at the Gordon Square Music Showcase. The event was sponsored by Councilman Matt Zone, and was a collaborative event with The Cleveland Orchestra and neighborhood schools.
Photos: © Hilary Bovay, Courtesy of The Cleveland Orchestra.

December 12th is the Feast Day of

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Wishing you and your family a
Blessed Day!


Metro Catholic Day of the Dead Artwork

Artwork done by our Junior High students was hung to
help celebrate Day of the Dead in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.



Students and Teachers Celebrate
Metro Catholic's 30th Anniversary
during Spirit Day ~ Fall 2019


Kindergarten - 8th Grade
students celebrate and
thank God for
30 years of
Metro Catholic!

  Please click here
to watch a short


Spread Kindness ~ Stop Bullying

Longtime Cleveland broadcaster Denise Dufala is on a mission
to help stop bullying with the "Be Kind, Stick Together" program.

Denise visited Metro Catholic this summer, and interviewed
Metro Catholic alum, Emerald Hood.

     Please click here to watch the video that was featured on WKYC.


When we say CONNECT we mean ~
take the time to get to know others.
This means listening to them,
reaching out to them in word or deed,
learning about their needs and concerns,
understanding the culture/faith/family
from which they come.

When we say RESPECT we mean ~
recognize the Christ that is within others. 
This means we speak and act
in ways that celebrate and honor the
inherent dignity of the person or group.

When we say PROTECT we mean ~
watch out for others so that
they are safe in all ways. 
This means we watch out for bullying
and speak up,
we build on the connections we have made
to not make judgements
about entire groups,
and we act as the hands of God
to shelter those who are in need.


Preschool Receives
Step Up To Quality!

Our Preschool has received a 5 Star rating
from Step up to Quality and the
Ohio Department of Education.
Congratulations to Miss Weinrich
and the Preschool staff!

Step up to Quality recognizes and promotes
learning and development programs that
meet qualityprogram standards that exceed
preschool licensing and school age child care
licensing health and safety regulations.


Enjoy the Metro Catholic Video here



Breaking News

Metro Catholic Graduates Receive Honors at St. Joseph Academy

September 18, 2020

St. Joseph Academy has informed us that the following Metro Catholic graduates have achieved a GPA of 3.3 or higher for the second semester in the 2019 - 2020 school year: HIGH HONORS:  N'sreen Abbas
HONORS:  Alaycia Collins, Alana Deleccio, Emerald Hood, Alma Rodriguez, Roselyn Cabrera  

Metro Catholic Alumni Receive Honors from Holy Name High School

June 17, 2020

Holy Name High School has informed us that the following Metro Catholic graduates have achieved honors for the fourth quarter of the 2019 - 2020 school year: FIRST HONORS:  Jade Berrios, Jaylen Huffman, Hayley Lewis, Isabelle Marflak, Michael Rivera, Francisco Velez and Gabrielle Veauthier SECOND HONORS:  Mauricio Flores, Aracely Guzman, Naiah Leon and Rocky Wright  

Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust

June 17, 2020

We are excited to announce a $10,000 grant from The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust and a two year challenge grant for $10,000 per year for 2021 and 2022.  This grant will be used towards the Capital Improvements Project at Metro Catholic School.  We can not thank them enough!

Murphy Family Foundation

June 17, 2020

We are pleased to announce the generous grant of $10,000 to help support the Literacy Program at Metro Catholic School.  The continued support of the Murphy Family Foundation is very important to our ongoing efforts.  Thank you!

O'Neill Brothers Foundation

June 17, 2020

We are pleased to announce a $10,000 grant from the O'Neill Brothers Foundation.  This grant will be used toward much needed capital improvement at Metro Catholic School.  Thank you!

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