Metro Catholic is planning for the future.  In 2010 we gathered staff, students, parents, friends and donors to create a
Strategic Plan to sustain our future.  Special thanks to Stacey Picard for facilitating our strategic plan process.

Metro Catholic School Strategic Plan - January 2011

Metro Catholic School provides an educational program rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition that blends learning with faith, and faith with life, according to the abilities and needs of each child.

Metro Catholic School strives to be a financially secure, adaptable, community partner that serves the many educational needs of a diverse and changing population in innovative ways.

Core Values
Metro Catholic School is guided by the following bedrock principles:

  • A commitment, rooted in Gospel values, to respect the dignity of each individual and to serve a diverse and changing population.
  • A commitment to educate the whole person.
  • A commitment to maintain academic excellence while providing a wide range of educational services to meet the needs of a student body that is diverse in its abilities.
  • A commitment to creatively seek alternate sources of funding that make Metro Catholic accessible to all who desire it.

Top Priorities & Responses

Develop a leadership succession plan for key staff and advisory board positions.

  • Establish a succession committee.
  • Include mission legacy in job descriptions.
  • Consider current staff for succession.

Redefine and restructure the advisory board.

  • Redefine the structure, guidelines, expectations and mission of the advisory board.
  • Develop specific sub-committees with a defined focus.
  • Recruit new members with the appropriate professional skills, capacity, access and diversity to fill the newly defined roles.

Develop long-term financial resources.

  • Engage alumni to further develop the donor base.
  • Re-fine and market the named endowed scholarship program.
  • Develop a planned giving program.
  • Explore alternate models of support, such as sponsorship.

Increase name recognition and insertion into the civic community.

  • Host small events for new friends of Metro Catholic.
  • Pursue media exposure.
  • Deepen relationships with the civic community.

Increase physical space to accommodate expanded student programs.

  • Create a campus master plan that considers the potential of existing and adjacent properties.
  • Consider adding modular units to the campus.