In each of our three school buildings, there is a leveled library for children in line with their age and grade. Ms. Colleen Gutta, a full time librarian, keeps the libraries at the service of the students and their teachers at the Stephen Campus.

At the Boniface Campus Early Childhood Center we rely on the services of Mrs. Patti Skvoretz and Mrs. Joanne Johnson as her aid.  Mrs. Skvoretz works in the Library one day a week with the kindergarten and first grade students.

The approximate book count in the Stephen Building is 13,000, 9,000 in the Michael Building and 5,000 in the Boniface Building. In total, our libraries are worth $550,000 as figured at $20 per book.

Laptops and Chromebooks are available for student use in the Stephen and Michael libraries.

Mrs. Skvoretz teaches Sign Language and Braille!
The Kindergarten and First Grade students don't only go to the Library in the Boniface building for new books ~ they are
learning Sign Language and Braille!  Mrs. Skvoretz posts a word in braille, and the children use tennis balls and muffin trays to spell the word.  The children learn songs and are able to line up while she only uses sign language!