Peace Pals are holding a
FOOD DRIVE in November.

They are learning about GENEROSITY
by bringing
in canned food that will be
given to the Food Pantry
in church.

Peace Pals 2019

The theme every month is a
different characteristic. 
They are:

October ~ Honesty
November ~ Generosity
The 2nd - 4th Grade Peace Pals also
discussed Heroes and Veterans.


The students and teachers
Celebrate Metro Catholic's
30th Anniversary

October 2018

Kindergarten and First Grade
Peace Pals 2017



Peace Pals
The students in the Boniface and Michael buildings
have made a PEACEMAKER PROMISE, and once a
month the classes pair up to do different activities.


 Kindergarten and first grade students made a peace sign at
the beginning of the year as they promised to be Peacemakers.






 The second, third and fourth grade students in the
Michael building form their peace sign to mark
the beginning of Peace Pals.



In November, the Peace Pals
activity was to discuss the military and
how they keep help to keep peace in the
world.  They learned the meaning of Veteran's Day.

Gratitude and thankfulness was also discussed.
Each student decorated a Thanksgiving placemat.
Father Ben will take these to St. Augustine Church
for their Thanksgiving dinners they serve
the community.