Junior High Field Trip to F. T. Stone Laboratory in Put-in-Bay.

Twelve 7th & 8th graders experienced an unforgettable hands-on learning opportunity.  Thanks to a scholarship from Ohio Sea Grant and the Andrews Foundation, students traveled on Lake Erie to Put-In-Bay and then to Gibraltar Island where Ohio State University has its Stone Laboratory.  This educational island hosts elementary through graduate level classes and provides hands on learning in many biological sciences.

Our students used microscopes to identify plankton sampled from the lake.  They went on a 2-hour cruise on a research boat where they learned how to collect data on the water's health with both modern and traditional tools.  They measured varying air speed and temperature, oxygen content and light density variances and even collected samples of fish and invertebrates to study later in the lab. 

Fish dissection and a discussion of glacial and global climate effects on our region completed a wonderful day of science and learning.  The students received high praise from their instructor who commented that they were "One of the most well behaved and knowledgeable groups I've ever worked with."

Thank you, again, to Ohio Sea Grant and to the Andrews Foundation for making this trip possible.

To watch our students in action, please click here.