High School Honors Awarded

Monday, February 11, 2019

We are pleased to announce the following High School Honors ~

The following students have achieved honors at TRINITY HIGH SCHOOL ~
FIRST HONORS: Nathaniel Richardson

These MCS graduates have achieved honors at HOLY NAME HIGH SCHOOL ~
FIRST HONORS: Samiry Barragan, Jaylen Huffman, Hayley Lewis, Ariana Marflak, Isabelle Marflak, Gabrielle Veauthier, Nicholas Veauthier and Francisco Velez.
SECOND HONORS: Jade Berrios, Aracely Guzman, Elizabeth Hernandez and Naiah Leon.

These MCS graduates have achieved honors at ST. JOSEPH ACADEMY ~
HIGH HONORS: N'Sreen Abbas and Nuhr Abbas
HONORS: Carol Creter, Jamesha Powell, Alma Rodriguez and Brigid Rodriguez.

Congratulations to each of them and their families!