Tuition Assistance ~ Adopt-A-Child
Full cost per student     $8,000
Tuition contrbution from current voucher   $4,650
Gap between voucher and real cost per student     $3,350

Before and After School Program Costs
Math Enrichment       $50 per student
Drama Club               $50 per student
Garden Club              $50 per student
Handbells                  $50 per student
Robotics Club            $50 per student
Spanish Club             $50 per student
Basketball Program   $20,000 Total Program
                                  $120 per student

Art Supplies             $50 per student
Band Instruments    $300 each
Field Trips                $250 per bus

Daily School Transportation to and from Slavic Village and West Park Neighborhoods
5 vans x $14,000 each     $70,000 per year
                                         $2,800 per student

Technology Needs
Chromebooks / iPads       $500 each

Gift Card Resources
(Uniforms, Breakfast Bars* and Family

$5 gift cards:  Target and WalMart

*For children missing Breakfast:  Nutritous Breakfast Bars

Incentive Award Sponsorship*
Honors                      $5,000.00
Effort                         $1,000.00
Perfect Attendance   $500.00
Fine Arts                   $500.00

*Our annual Honors Assembly in May gathers children and their families
to celebrate and affirm the hard work they have done.  We give children
small grants that they can use to purchase items here at school.  Your
gift helps offset our award dollars.