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Catholic Identity

Metro Catholic School began in 1988 from a merger of 3 urban parish schools:  St. Boniface, St. Michael and St. Stephen.  Grounded in the educational tradition of the Sisters of Notre Dame, the development of the entire child is its goal. Daily the children participate in religion classes which afford them the opportunity to be "in touch, in intimacy, in union" with God.  Prayer is an important part of each day. School-wide Liturgies, celebrations of faith and hope and retreats punctuate the school year. Student outreach to our global community is significant. Students educated themselves about the needs of children in Haiti and collected money to help them. Students learned that so many in Africa were without clean drinking water and contributed to the construction of wells. The discrimination against women in India persuaded our students to donate to the building of bathrooms. Most important, our Catholic identity becomes real each day as we live Gospel values. 

Each year at the Honors Assembly, Metro Catholic awards scholarships to students who have distinguished themselves in efforts to develop character and live Gospel values.

Board of Pastors

Our Board of Pastors includes pastors from our founding and neighboring parishes as well as a representative from the Sisters of Notre Dame and the Cleveland Diocesan Education Office.  The Board of Pastors meets quarterly.

Board of Pastors

Rev. Caroli Shao - St. Colman and St. Stephen Parishes
Rev. Mark Riley - St. Michael Parish
Rev. Hilary Khanh Kai Nguyen - St. Boniface Parish/Vietnamese American Apostolate
Rev. William O'Donnell - St. Augustine Parish
Rev. Robert J. Reidy - Sagrada Familia
Rev. Joseph Hilinski - St. Barbara Parish
Rev. Michael Gurnick - St. Malachi Parish / St. Patrick Parish