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The Miracle on 54th St.

When Metro Catholic School began some said it would not last more than three years.  Now as we celebrate over 30 years we are grateful for our blessed history and the visionary people who knew Metro Catholic was meant to be.

In the mid-80's our Founding Mothers, Sr. Grace Corbett, SND, Sr. Regina Davala, SND and Sr. Virginia Reesing, SND were principals of small urban parish schools on Cleveland's Near West Side.  These sisters could see that the urban core was rapidly changing.  School enrollment was decreasing and funding was a growing challenge.   The sisters felt impelled to continue the legacy of quality Catholic education for urban families as well as provide supportive programs and funding assistance for those living in poverty.  Several years of visioning and prayer along with myriad meetings led to the merge of the elementary schools of St. Boniface Parish, St. Michael Parish and St. Stephen Parish.  Metro Catholic School is now located at two campuses:  Preschool - Gr. 1 on the St. Boniface property and Gr. 2-8 on the St. Stephen property.  Metro Catholic is a Diocesan school and welcomes children from many parishes as well as children of diverse faith traditions.



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