“We define curriculum as all learning experiences that are planned by and directed by the school/teacher to attain the educational goals.“ (Office of Catholic Education, Diocese of Cleveland.)

The curriculum for Metro Catholic is aligned with the Ohio Academic Content Standards and those of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.

For a look at a detailed view of the curriculum please go to (open in a new browser window); under 'Educators' select 'Academic Content Standards'.


Bart Brown, a mechanical engineering student at CSU became a visiting teacher in Grade 5 Science for the last two days of his winter break.  He supervised the construction of a roller coaster leading students to work together to read diagrams and build different sections precisely.  Bart taught the fifth graders that kinetic energy is energy of a moving object and that potential energy is energy that is stored in an object. This was amply demonstrated when the students watched their roller coaster in action.


Grade 6 students use the smartboard in Science class for the daily journals and notes.  They also use it throughout the day in a variety of ways.  In the morning, there are announcements and daily tasks posted. Classical music plays through the speakers giving a nice calm start to their day.  Students jump at the chance to go to the board to share their responses, ideas, theories and data with the rest of the class.








Enrichment with Mr. Braat                                                       Grade 5 Science Lab