In each of our three school buildings, there is a leveled library for children in line with their age and grade. Ms. Colleen Gutta, a full time librarian, keeps the libraries at the service of the students and their teachers at the Stephen Campus.

At the Boniface Campus Early Childhood Center we rely on the services of Mrs. Patti Skvoretz and Mrs. Joanne Johnson as her aid.  Mrs. Skvoretz works in the Library one day a week with the kindergarten and first grade students.

The approximate book count in the Stephen Building is 13,000, 9,000 in the Michael Building and 5,000 in the Boniface Building. In total, our libraries are worth $550,000 as figured at $20 per book.

Laptops and Chromebooks are available for student use in the Stephen and Michael libraries.

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From Ms. Colleen/Librarian
Metro - Library On-Line Resources
Access Instruction Sheet

Copy and paste the link below.  It will take you to the main Destiny Discover Library Resource Page:

LEARNING RESOURCES FOR METRO etc. (in the black box)
        You can then explore the different sites listed which will appear by clicking on them.

NOTE:  Some sights have special LOGIN instructions listed below the picture of the site. This includes tips as well as user names and/or passwords.  Some sights have no special instructions so just click and explore.
IMPORTANT: At this time Plz DO NOT click on TOPICS on the Destiny Discover page.  We’ll explore that feature when we return in August.

Copy and paste the link:

Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says LIGHTBOX. To the far right on that line:
Click  See All
Click on whatever TITLE interests you
Click View More Details (at the btm)
Click LOGIN and enter
     user name:  metcat
     password:   student
Click OPEN
Click the red button OPEN LIGHTBOX
All pages of the book you chose will then display.

Currently there are 19 series with approximately 149 books to explore.

Here are some tips for navigating LIGHTBOX:

1. Which pages of the books include features?
Once you've selected a book and all pages are showing, hover your mouse over the Lightbox Standard Features ICONS
at the bottom. The pages that include those features will light up.  The features to the far right LIGHT BOX SUPPLEMENTARY FEATURES are for teachers.


Don't forget to check all the pages of the book that may be highlighted by a feature. Scroll all the way down through all pages. The last page is always the INDEX page. Hover over the feature icons and see which pages light up with that feature.  Click the feature to hold the highlight. When you click on a highlighted page you chose, those feature icons will be on the top left hand  side of the page.  Then click on the icon to activate that feature on that page.

2. I'm done with a specific page.  How do I get back to all the pages of that book?
Click the house icon at the bottom left of the page.

3. Vocabulary
If a word on a specific page is underlined and in bold type, click on it to get a definition.

4. The Google Maps Feature
If you choose a page that lights up when you mouse over the Google Maps feature, click on the locations, that are lighting up or pulsing on the map on the page and use the google map keys.  Click the X in the upper right corner of the map to return to the page.

5. Using the MAGNIFYING feature
Each page has a circle at the top right with they + and - signs. Click the plus sign and then mouse over the parts of the page you want magnified. Click again to return to the normal sized page.

6. I'm Done and want to choose a different Book:
click the X on the tab for this book.  You should go back to the page that originally asked you to OPEN the book.  You can then click and open another book in that series OR click Series on the left and choose another series/ book etc.

7. I'm Done with LIGHTBOX and want to LOGOUT

It is not necessary to LOGOUT.  Your session will automatically expire.

Miss you!  You’re in my prayers every day,
Ms. Colleen

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Mrs. Skvoretz teaches Sign Language and Braille!
The Kindergarten and First Grade students don't only go to the Library in the Boniface building for new books ~ they are
learning Sign Language and Braille!  Mrs. Skvoretz posts a word in braille, and the children use tennis balls and muffin trays to spell the word.  The children learn songs and are able to line up while she only uses sign language!

Ms. Colleen
Stephen Campus Librarian
helping students

Computer resources in the Library