The Metro Catholic School Legacy Society


The Metro Catholic School Legacy Society was created to thank and recognize those who wish to continue their generous support of Metro Catholic School through a gift in their estate plan.  These friends are recognized on the Legacy Society plaque in our main hall and in our annual Reach Society event booklet.  We invite you to join the Legacy Society by filling out and submitting the Planned Gift Form.  For additional information, please call our Advancement Office at 216-634-2854.  To just receive more information about Planned Giving, please click here: Planned Giving Request for more Information


Metro Catholic School Legacy Society Members

 William Anderson †

Mary Ellen Archer †

Mary C. Ashdown †

Maria Bastulli †

Mary Ann Beargie †

Carol & George Blackburn †

Pauline & John Bobak †

Betty Bogucki †

George Bruening

Susan & George Campbell †

Margaret Carey †

Virginia & Earnest Catchpole †

Katherine Chabek

Lucy Ann Christopher

Elizabeth Clark †

Marguerite M. Clark †

Colleen Conway Cooney

Molly Covich †

Barbara Domski

Helen Egan †

Duane Finkovich †

Ludwig Fogel †

Thomas E. Forhan †

Richard Freedman †

Deacon Stanley J. Fulton †

Helen Gebura †

Elizabeth Gentile †

Felicia Gibson †

Stanley Gorski †

Johnda Graf †

Kathleen Margaret Gray †

James & Kathleen Grimmer

Leonard Gunsch †

Donald † & Elizabeth Hoffman

Cynthia Hoopes †

James & Nancy Hulsebus

Patience & George † Humphrey

Rita Jackman †

James F. Kerrigan †

Marilyn Kilbane

Robert Kilbane †

Genevieve Koch †

Peter K. & Catherine T. Kropp

Sr. Anne Michael Martinka, SND †

James McGrath †

Kathleen McGrath

Anthony & Colleen Manning

Dorothy Matuch †

Elizabeth Mele †

James Mileti †

John Moysey †

Richard & Ruth O'Brien †

Sue H. Paryzek †

Honorable Raymond Pianka †

Richard Popik †

Ernestine Salvatore †

Jeffrey Saxon †

Thomas Soloman †

Marion Stein †

Mary O. Strapp †

Robert & Monica † Strathern

Thomas & Sandra Sullivan †

Marilyn Terbraak

Monica R. Thomas

Joan Toler

Patricia Whitford †

Marjorie Zedella †

Theresa Pepple Zink †